We have been busy!

We have been busy this month!
Here is the letter I just recieved for the purpose of posting on our web site...
To whom it may concern:
Picker's Pearls recently contracted with me to conduct an estate sale to prepare my house for sale. This has now been completed in compliance with the contract and the results of the sale were far beyond my expectations and the honesty and efficiency and professional competency of the operation were beyond reproach. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any prospective client.
Tom Buttram

Welcome to Picker’s Pearls Blog

I hope to set the tone ,in this first entry, for the beginning and the evolution of this blog.

As we are an estate sale company, and CAGA appraisers, I thought it would be appropriate to begin with the definition of value.

val•ue   /ˈvalyo͞o/  

The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance or preciousness of something: "your support is of great value".

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