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I hope to set the tone ,in this first entry, for the beginning and the evolution of this blog.

As we are an estate sale company, and CAGA appraisers, I thought it would be appropriate to begin with the definition of value.

val•ue   /ˈvalyo͞o/  

The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance or preciousness of something: "your support is of great value".

Estimate the monetary worth of (something): "his estate was valued at” XYZ".

noun.   worth - price - cost - merit - rate
verb.   appreciate - evaluate - estimate - appraise - assess

When speaking of value (verb) as an appraiser of objects, there are various forms of value.
Fair market has a willing buyer and a willing seller.
There is also liquidation, or forced sale, value. (“I need this gone”)
Those are the top 2 appraised “values”.

Imagine, also that “sentimental value” has no monetary value, except to the individual valuing it.
After some experience in the estate sale business, I want to suggest that each of us collects, makes a place in our homes, only for that which we value, without regard to the possible monetary value it may, in the future, hold or gain.

Markets for everything from jewelry to antique furniture change like the tide…so “love the stuff your with”

While the English language has it’s frustrating quirks, it holds, also, delights like this…



We have been busy this month!
Here is the letter I just recieved for the purpose of posting on our web site...
To whom it may concern:
Picker's Pearls recently contracted with me to conduct an estate sale to prepare my house for sale. This has now been completed in compliance with the contract and the results of the sale were far beyond my expectations and the honesty and efficiency and professional competency of the operation were beyond reproach. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any prospective client.
Tom Buttram
I can honestly say, that serving Tom and his family was an honor.
I never realized that doing an estate sale would be like reading an autobiography.
We literally go through a person or families history! Sorting out the personals, collectables, and so on...
Estate sales are no longer just conducted after a parent or loved one has passed away. People are downsizing, moving in with adult children or into assisted living.
When I shake hands with a person at the end of the first consultation, they are a stranger to me. When I hand over the check and the housekeys, they are remarkable, fascinating, heroic...
When I say it is an honor, here is one thing I mean by that-
The family usually pours through all of thier possessions for the items they want to keep or things they value. when you hand your keys over to us, you say, "We trust you".
That is what I am honored by.
We will continue to earn that, one set of house keys at a time.

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